This list will continue to grow and grow, will I ever complete them? Who knows.
Well here you go:

1. Complete my 10 months program
2. Get a summer job
3. AIDS United (Chicago)
4. Skydive
5. Windsurf
6. Bunjee Jump
7. Take an unexpected roadtrip by myself
8. Continue to read and finish the books I read
9. Continue you to journal
10. Continue to blog
11. Go snorkeling
12. Eat healthy
13. Exercise
14. Buy a plane ticket on a whim and go
15. Go back to Italy and France
16. Write a book
17. Go to Camp Bisco
18. Get my degree in Psychology and Sociology
19. Work with the criminally insane
20. Meet the President
21. Move out of New Jersey
22. Live in Paris once in my lifetime
23. Find love
24. Go to LoveLocks
25. Make a Postsecret
26. Keep in touch with my team for years to come
27. Never stop volunteering

And so it goes…