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10% I woke up confused in a hotel room, looked over and realized, “Oh right, I fucked a celebrity” smiled a bit and went back to sleep.

9% Realized I was content with my life

8% I take that back, help me I only have 8% battery life and I need a ride home.

7% Wondering why you didn’t text me all weekend

6% My sex life is not for you to explain to your friends, I am in control you cannot shame me.

5% Why haven’t my friends picked me up yet?

4% Wishing you were texting me but realized you were probably three beers in at 8am and realized you are too self absorbed to remember my name

3% If you aren’t 3 beers in, maybe you were in someone else?


1% It’ll be okay.


Do not throw me in your bed without asking and telling me a few important details first:

1. My name

2. My HIV Status/Your HIV Status

3. Do I have an STI/STD’s?

4. Do you have a condom?/I have condoms

I think those are simple enough questions to ask someone before taking me home? I mean I could be wrong but I think I deserve a least a little respect after all I am a human being and deserve the same amount of respect you give to others in your everyday life. If you see me out in public and then message me on a dating site I am on saying something like I see you. Don’t bother just come up to me and strike up a conversation. I am a human being. I do not bite. Unless I really want to. Also No does truly mean No. If I don’t want it I will tell you and you better respect my decision I am no piece of meat. 

That is all.


Do not put me in a box. I am a complex multi-functional machine with different buttons, switches, cogs, and the like.   I have been noticing a lot lately that especially in the gay community there is always someone asking how I identify in the “Gay Farm?” Yeah lets call it that. Not everyone has an animal name but the two main animals are Bears and Otters. Then you have Daddy, Geek, Jock, Leather, Poz, Rugged, Twink, and Trans AMONG many other names. My appearance does not define who I am as a person nor does my sexual identity. I am a hard worker, I am a friend, a brother, a son.  I spend a good majority of my life moving and traveling.  Because if you stay in one place too long then you get potted and you leave roots in the people you meet. That is not a bad thing but it is nothing something I see myself doing for a long time. But back to labels.  I am all of these things and A LOT more. I am a lot more complex than most people take me for and that is at no fault of their own. They see me as one thing and I am forever type-cast as it in my own life. I refuse to be type-cast, I have dared to break the mold and try new things, leaving my town and the ones I love behind and maybe it isn’t for ever but it is for now. And all we have is now so why waste it being something just to appease those around you.  Fuck that.



I believe in sex positivity. I believe people should have the right to sleep with whoever they want, with as many different people as they choose. I don’t believe in sluts, whores, man-whores, etc. These terms make it seem like you are better than the person you are referring to, when in reality you are no better or worse than them. I think sex should be celebrated, we are liberated, free people. I think as human beings we should be able to fully express ourselves in every aspect of our lives. Sadly, sex is such a taboo in society that talking about it is shamed, which leads people to make unwise decisions in your sexual lives. Sexual health is an overall part of you health and wellbeing so why not talk about it with your doctors, do not feel ashamed of the sex you are or are not having. You are the owner of your body and you have the right to say “Yes”, “No”, and “Let me think about it”. No one on this earth has the power to tell you what you can and cannot do in the bedroom (or wherever you like to get it on).  You are in charge of you, and only you. Your body is usable and it is beautiful. The reason I have such strong feelings is because I recently just started a new job in the HIV and AIDS field where I will begin testing those who wish to be tested for HIV and I will also be a counselor and doing some sexual education classes. I believe that sex should be openly discussed, because that is how you make HIV preventable, through correctly teaching people on the facts of HIV and AIDS and how to better protect yourselves. *Fact* You CANNOT get HIV through SALIVA. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Part of my job is to hand out condoms, when the older generation sees what I am doing I get a sassy response or a dirty look as if they have never had sex before. Open discussion leads to great conversations. I am a very open person so those who ask me questions about my sexual health I will openly answer as long as you ask in a polite manor at the proper time. I believe in doing this because people should be allowed to express themselves in anyway they wish. Again, you are in charge of your body. PROTECT THE SKIN YOU ARE IN. Love few, love many, or love all. I am not one to judge, nor should you be either.

I want to clarify a few things before I start writing: I have never done an illegal drug in my life or a legal drug in my life unless it has been prescribed to me, so when I had my wisdom teeth out the Vicodin the prescribed to me hits me hard man. Thus begins the Vicodin rambling now:

Vicodin has an interesting affect on me. It takes the pain away from me but it also has seemed to make me extremely horny and extremely honest. You know what they say, “write drunk, edit sober” I guess in this case write high. I have decided to only take the pill to help me sleep at night that seems to be when the pain is the worst and I can’t get to bed. I have noticed that I would not normally text people in a normal state to tell them to come over and have sex, but on Vicodin it seems to be like that is a new fun thing I like to do is text people I want to/have slept with already to come over and sleep with me.  I have realized in the haze of my “drunk” mind that I do not care about what people think of my sexual escapades; mainly because we as humans should be able to be sexually free and sexually open.  If as Americans we lived more sexually open and less violently the USA would be a less frightening place to live in. We learn through what we see, we grow up watching movies infused with violence, war, pain, suffering.  Yet, we throw real sex on the telly and one million moms or some nondescript (primarily white) organization is all up in arms because “of the children” meanwhile those same children that they are trying to protect are learning how to inject heroin by the age of 13-14.  If we teach children by what we show them. I would rather the youth of America be sexually open (and safe of course) than shooting up a movie theatre or a classroom full of innocent teenagers. Than we just full the idea for more sociopaths growing up seeing all this crime on the news and they are now thinking that they will be famous for the murders they commit. So tell me again why we are so ashamed of our own anatomy? It is the lack of control of gun laws that we should be more concerned about and less about seeing some woman on the big screen with her tits in the air. We then call a man a hero when he sleeps around and a woman is a slut. There is no difference everyone should be free to sleep with whomever and however many people they like as long as they are healthy and safe while doing so.  And I am not just saying this because I am high and horny on painkillers. It is the truth and people should just be able to experience the lust of others without feeling ashamed to tell people after it happens if that is what they choose to do.  I believe in being a slut because you should not have to label someone by who they sleep with.

That is probably all for now.