I want to clarify a few things before I start writing: I have never done an illegal drug in my life or a legal drug in my life unless it has been prescribed to me, so when I had my wisdom teeth out the Vicodin the prescribed to me hits me hard man. Thus begins the Vicodin rambling now:

Vicodin has an interesting affect on me. It takes the pain away from me but it also has seemed to make me extremely horny and extremely honest. You know what they say, “write drunk, edit sober” I guess in this case write high. I have decided to only take the pill to help me sleep at night that seems to be when the pain is the worst and I can’t get to bed. I have noticed that I would not normally text people in a normal state to tell them to come over and have sex, but on Vicodin it seems to be like that is a new fun thing I like to do is text people I want to/have slept with already to come over and sleep with me.  I have realized in the haze of my “drunk” mind that I do not care about what people think of my sexual escapades; mainly because we as humans should be able to be sexually free and sexually open.  If as Americans we lived more sexually open and less violently the USA would be a less frightening place to live in. We learn through what we see, we grow up watching movies infused with violence, war, pain, suffering.  Yet, we throw real sex on the telly and one million moms or some nondescript (primarily white) organization is all up in arms because “of the children” meanwhile those same children that they are trying to protect are learning how to inject heroin by the age of 13-14.  If we teach children by what we show them. I would rather the youth of America be sexually open (and safe of course) than shooting up a movie theatre or a classroom full of innocent teenagers. Than we just full the idea for more sociopaths growing up seeing all this crime on the news and they are now thinking that they will be famous for the murders they commit. So tell me again why we are so ashamed of our own anatomy? It is the lack of control of gun laws that we should be more concerned about and less about seeing some woman on the big screen with her tits in the air. We then call a man a hero when he sleeps around and a woman is a slut. There is no difference everyone should be free to sleep with whomever and however many people they like as long as they are healthy and safe while doing so.  And I am not just saying this because I am high and horny on painkillers. It is the truth and people should just be able to experience the lust of others without feeling ashamed to tell people after it happens if that is what they choose to do.  I believe in being a slut because you should not have to label someone by who they sleep with.

That is probably all for now.