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I believe in sex positivity. I believe people should have the right to sleep with whoever they want, with as many different people as they choose. I don’t believe in sluts, whores, man-whores, etc. These terms make it seem like you are better than the person you are referring to, when in reality you are no better or worse than them. I think sex should be celebrated, we are liberated, free people. I think as human beings we should be able to fully express ourselves in every aspect of our lives. Sadly, sex is such a taboo in society that talking about it is shamed, which leads people to make unwise decisions in your sexual lives. Sexual health is an overall part of you health and wellbeing so why not talk about it with your doctors, do not feel ashamed of the sex you are or are not having. You are the owner of your body and you have the right to say “Yes”, “No”, and “Let me think about it”. No one on this earth has the power to tell you what you can and cannot do in the bedroom (or wherever you like to get it on).  You are in charge of you, and only you. Your body is usable and it is beautiful. The reason I have such strong feelings is because I recently just started a new job in the HIV and AIDS field where I will begin testing those who wish to be tested for HIV and I will also be a counselor and doing some sexual education classes. I believe that sex should be openly discussed, because that is how you make HIV preventable, through correctly teaching people on the facts of HIV and AIDS and how to better protect yourselves. *Fact* You CANNOT get HIV through SALIVA. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Part of my job is to hand out condoms, when the older generation sees what I am doing I get a sassy response or a dirty look as if they have never had sex before. Open discussion leads to great conversations. I am a very open person so those who ask me questions about my sexual health I will openly answer as long as you ask in a polite manor at the proper time. I believe in doing this because people should be allowed to express themselves in anyway they wish. Again, you are in charge of your body. PROTECT THE SKIN YOU ARE IN. Love few, love many, or love all. I am not one to judge, nor should you be either.


This post is going to just ramblings of my the everlasting tunnels that are intwined in my brain. 

I do not know where to begin accept that I am moving to Chicago the beginning of August and I am terrified. Knowing no one but the people on my team if that counts as knowing them trying to find housing with them is all we have in common at the moment. Which is fine I will really like them we all seem really down to earth. My service assignment for the year seems really interesting I will be working with Chicago House. 

This is their mission statement: “Chicago House and Social Service Agency serves individuals and families by providing housing, employment services, medical linkages, HIV prevention services, and other supportive services to those who are disenfranchised by HIV/AIDS, poverty, homelessness, and/or gender nonconformity. All Chicago House services are provided without discrimination and are explicitly designed to guide people towards wholeness and self-sufficiency.”

I could not be more thrilled to be working with them, I have so many high hopes for this program that I hope I can make a difference while I am there.

Now as far as Oklahoma goes, I am completely saddened by all those pour innocent children who have died. I work in Disaster Management and if my program was not ending so soon I would have most likely been deployed out there, I would have been terrified to work with those families but I also would have loved to be there giving a helping hand to those who needed it.


Also I don’t know why I named my post what I did. Enjoy

I have until tomorrow at 5pm to decide on whether I want to move to Chicago to work with a program who help people who have been affected with HIV and AIDS. Such a big life decision to pick up everything and move out to the midwest by myself, get an apartment, begin working to changing the way people look at this terrifying disease, and hopefully helping those who need it. It is a huge move on my part, am I ready for something so big? I realize that past year has not been easy for me in the slightest, constantly on the move from state to state, working in disaster relief and now here I am in the beautiful city of Washington, D.C. I absolutely love it here and would one day love to move out here but that has not been written in the stars yet; maybe someday.  

I have been away from home for a long time, 10 months does not seem so far yet it has been a lifetime. So much has been gained this year of travel, and I love it, meeting new people, changing lives, seeing new things.

But when is enough, enough? I know this isn’t the end of my traveling but should I go back to school and finish up with my degree? I would first have to be accepted into the school of my choice…

Only time will tell but in 4 months time I will have moved to Chicago, or back to New Jersey. The uncertainty is killing me.