Do not throw me in your bed without asking and telling me a few important details first:

1. My name

2. My HIV Status/Your HIV Status

3. Do I have an STI/STD’s?

4. Do you have a condom?/I have condoms

I think those are simple enough questions to ask someone before taking me home? I mean I could be wrong but I think I deserve a least a little respect after all I am a human being and deserve the same amount of respect you give to others in your everyday life. If you see me out in public and then message me on a dating site I am on saying something like I see you. Don’t bother just come up to me and strike up a conversation. I am a human being. I do not bite. Unless I really want to. Also No does truly mean No. If I don’t want it I will tell you and you better respect my decision I am no piece of meat. 

That is all.