Inspiration comes to me when I least expect it. I don’t mind it at all. I am at a bar this past Monday called Beauty Bar, it used to be a beauty salon; turned club. It is really cool. Anyway, there was a benefit there to raise money for the AIDS Run and Walk of Chicago. Called Salonathon: it was a mixture of poetry, singing, dancing, and a drag show. One of the performances particularly stood out to me. A co-worker of mine who transitioned to a woman sang a song (Beautifully I might add) about having the heart of a woman and how strong women are. It brought me to tears because of many reasons. But the main one is that she transitioned from a MtF (Male to Female) and is now a who she is meant to be her body matches her mind/soul and my God she is stunningly beautiful. And for her to sing about having a woman’s heart was just inspiring. It was a night full of exciting open minded people. I find that the most interesting, kind hearted, loving, generous people are the ones you never take the time to get to know. So to me a favor and next time you meet someone, get to know them, the real them.