I love being drunk. I don’t just like it because I am not supposed to do it. I like it because I like the lack of control I have on my body, and my brain. I believe that in the haze of your drunken hours you are who you really are nothing holding you back from being who you are meant to be.  I like that everyone ends up friends even if you all hate each other in the sober hours. And that is okay, we are society in a melting pot. We aren’t all meant to like each other (as much as I would like that it isn’t possible). I am proud of who I am when I am sober, but you better believe I am prouder of who I am when I am drunk because my filter leaves me for a few hours.  Oddly enough, I figure a lot of shit out that I battle day to day with while intoxicated and dancing at a house party. I realize what I want, who I want, and what I don’t want. I realized a lot last night. I realized I am terrified of leaving and moving to Chicago. It would be my luck that I meet someone and have to move a month later. I believe in fate, so whats meant to happen will happen. I realized that I have the most supportive, caring, and wonderful friends that I could have asked for. And I know that my moving won’t change the friendships I have made out here and I know that I will make some amazing friends out in Chitown, the unknown is always terrifying though. Being drunk helps me, that makes me sound like an alcoholic but it allows me to take down my walls that I so carefully build up and breathe for a little bit. I think as humans we are supposed to loosen up a bit and create moments that shouldn’t end. That is what I did. I am undone.