We live in a world obsessed with our phones and ourselves. Yes I am a part of a generation that cares more about their instagram followers than their health. I personally do love having my iPhone on me at almost all times, but I like it because it tends to help me out of awkward situations, I can sit on my phone and veg out when I do not need people talking to me about how vapid their existence actually is.

I currently have 1,578 friends on Facebook. Do you think I talk to them all? Not a chance in hell, actually for the most part I probably dislike them so what I have decided to for the past year or so is every day I am on and I see if it someone’s birthday, I delete them if I don’t speak to them or do not know them or do not like them. I spent four years in high school trying to appease everyone and talk to everyone. Now what I do is try to avoid people at all costs. It isn’t so much that I dislike people, it is just that I dislike everything my generation stands for. We are so vapid and self centered. How is anyone in this generation supposed to run a country one day when we can’t even write out a check properly?  It frightens me to know that not everyone is like me (and I don’t mean to be so self absorbed as to think my shit don’t stink, I am aware my shit stinks probably worse than yours but I volunteer my time and travel and try to make friends throughout the world because I know that there are good people around you just have to find them when they aren’t instagraming their meal for the night).  Now if I delete you on a social media site; like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. do not come out and ask me why I did it, because 1. Why the hell do you even know someone has unfollowed you? Are you that obsessed with yourself that you think everyone loves what you have to post. No one truly gives a shit because everyone is too worried about what they are about to post that when they like your stuff they only do it in hopes of you liking their shit, so that they can get more likes and more followers. No one really gives a rats ass about your meal choice or where you are at night? Because let us be honest for once why should they? 

That is my angry rant about my generation.

However, I have seen some amazing acts of love, kindness, respect, and courage from this generation of 20somethings so don’t think we are all terrible vapid people. Some of us still care.