“Myth is much more important and true than history. History is just journalism and you know how reliable that is.”

-Joseph Campbell

Since my program is coming to an end and I fly home on Friday (so surreal that 10 months can go by so fast). As a team our final reflection was to create a myth about a time in the program. Here is what I came up with:

New Jersey, Fort Dix Part I:

Sea Bright, Days Dark


Sandy and her army of demons were vicious, wicked, and volatile, they destroyed everything in their path. This was something the chosen had never been up against. The chosen were a group of people that were chosen by a higher power to defend the world from all that is evil and wicked, each given a special power to protect the world.  These nine people were selected randomly as if picked out of a hat to have the weight on the world upon their shoulders. They were chosen because of their kind hearts and their ability to overcome anything no matter how difficult the situation.  Victoria or Firestarter (No, not the Drew Barrymore movie) was fierce; clever she was given the gift of pyrokinesis (The ability to manipulate fire) to use against any being that dare destroy the earth. Hunter also known to the world as mastermind was given the ability of Power Augmentation (The ability to enhance or weaken powers around him). Gabby or spitfire as she would become known as, could dose her enemies by spitting acid on them from large distances.  Amy the silent ninja was gifted with invisibility. Benin the Hothead was given the ability to self-detonate and reform after the explosion. Chris the Time Turner was wielded the ability of time manipulation. Hillary the Copy Cat given power mimicry (The ability to borrow the powers of those she is with). Sophia the Precog (Precognition) had the ability to see into the past and the future. And, Sergio Chaos was given the ability to manipulate the earth around him.  Together they were fated to be the best, the one team in the entire world that could fight whatever came their way. They all lived together so that they could be ready for whatever came their way.  But even God-like they were still human, and humans are not perfect.

12 Hours until Dooms Day

“Who ate all the damn hummus again and left the container in the fridge?” Sergio bellowed. Victoria answered quickly knowing that he could cause an earthquake out of rage,

“It was Hillary, she is always leaving the empty containers in the fridge.”

“Was not, Victoria!” Hillary answered defensively.

“Whatever it is fine just throw it out whoever finished it next time, thank you” Sergio proclaimed.

            Sophia walked in the room her eyes glazed over with this opaque white; we knew what that meant she was having a vision.  The white began to fade; as it faded Sophia fell to the floor in tears barely able to speak she uttered, 

“Something is coming, something big, we may not be able to stop it”.

6 Hours until Dooms Day

Not knowing what to expect except the worst they began to prepare, each of them went to their rooms and put on their steel toed combat boots, assembled weapons on their belts, put on their communicative devises and each went into  the cave to talk about what to do, Sophia still in shock of everything she saw was trying to put into words what we could expect;

“There is an army preparing for war, they plan to annihilate what is left of this world, starting along the east coast”.

“So we need to start by evacuating everyone on the east coast before this happens and destroys countless lives”, Victoria spoke without a shake to her voice acting as if she was not scared, they all were frightened of what is to come. “Sergio get on the phone with your contacts in Jersey, let them know what is happening tell them they must evacuate, you mustn’t let the public know what is happening, tell them a Hurricane is heading their way and use your abilities to create one out in the ocean”

“Right away” without even pausing to think about it said Sergio.

“Sophia when is this going down, give us your best guess, one week, one month?” Victoria asking nervously.

            Sophia looked away not wanting to give the news; she then looked up and said without any emotion left in her, “We don’t even have 24 hours to prepare”

All of our eyes widened in disbelief and horror not knowing what to do now they begin to exercise their abilities, working them out like muscles in the body.

            1 Hour until Dooms Day

            One the television was what looked like the worst storm in history coming towards the shores of New Jersey and New York, people frantically evacuating. They chosen boarded The Srirach their jet to get to the shore points and fast.

            Sergio slowed down the hurricane so it would not actually hit New Jersey and New York.  Landing in Fort Dix where they have a secret camp that the military has prepared for them so that they can work functionally they set up a communication center there wish was manned by a trusted ally of theirs, Fritz. Although mortal Fritz was like a father figure to them, helping them out however he could. 

            “Y’all don’t have much time we know this, I have routed all your headsets so they are also connected to mine here on base so if you need anything at all you let me know.” Uttered Fritz with utmost confidence in them. 

Sophia’s eyes began to turn again she fell down as if the vision became as real as us and knocked her down.  Fighting to stay in touch with them where they would attack first.

            Stuttering with fatigue, “Sea Bright, Go, NOW”. They others could see that she was so trained she would not be able to join them on the field, she stayed behind with Fritz, she would be able to let the team know of what was to come next if she had another vision.

            The team boarded The Srirach and flew out to Sea Bright, landing on the beach where the waves were wild, because of the storm Sergio was able to create. They walked out of the aircraft with uncertainty.

            Hillary radioed in to Sophia and Fritz, “We are here in Sea Bright, and it is quiet, too quiet.” With that said this rumble began from underneath them, the earth was shaking violently. Everyone looking at Sergio thinking he was responsible.

            “What? It isn’t me”. He quickly responded.

“NFAR” Hillary radioed into Sophia barely able to swallow her spit.

Battle stances ready they all prepared for what would be the biggest battle of their lives. The earth opened up as if it was a mouth waiting to swollen everything in its path whole.  Up came demons with red eyes, snake like tongues, legs of a gazelle, faces of tigers, lions, and bears (Oh my).  Their growls were like sonic screeches that ate away at your soul.  Behind them was She-Devil the nastiest looking thing the chosen ones had ever seen eyes golden with red veins protruding from the corners, her hair like barbed wire, her teeth were razor sharp, her skin were scales. She cackled as she rose up into the sky,

            “Earth be prepared to live in Hell, I will not stop until you are mi…”

She stopped and looked around realized that there was no one around but the chosen ones.

            “What is this, where is everyone for the end of the world, this is supposed to be my day!” She lowered herself from the sky and approached the team, moving almost snake like to them.

            “We mitigated this Dooms Day, you ugly fool!” Amy uttered while invisible.

The She-Devil looked around for the voice and before she could say another word, BAM Amy punched her down, falling down to the sandy shoreline she commanded her army to attack. They ran towards the team shooting energy balls at them trying to knock them down. Luckily, Victoria was ready with fireballs and Hunter was able to amplify her ability so the balls now became fire whips. She did her battle cry and whipped a few demons back into the hole, more were coming out. An army of thousands were coming out of the hole.

“Time to fight fire with fire, well so to speak” Hillary spoke with a devilish grin. She caught an energy ball and absorbed the ability and began throwing them back, it was working whipping them back and forth frying them, she ran further and further until she was in the middle of the war.  Just like Hillary to jump the gun, it is a gift and a curse. Gabby chased after Hillary in a hurry worried for her friend.

“Hillary I am coming for you!” Screaming avoiding energy balls and fire.  She began to spit on the demons around her, one grabbing her arm and pulling her into the sand.  With hands wrapped around her throat, losing air flow she let out one final spit hitting a ghastly demon in the red beady eye, kicking him in the groin and escaping death for what seems like an eternity of narrow escapes. Running up she cases after Hillary helping her dear friend from behind.

“CHRIS slow down time they are coming TOO FAST!” Screeched Benin.

Chris began to wave his hands in a circular motion in front of the army of demonic beings; they began slowing down until they went to a complete stop,

“I don’t know how long I can hold them, hurry quickly Benin explode”.

Benin’s head began to pulsate with the heat of a thousand suns he charged into the crowd and blew up destroying over a hundred demons in his path. He reformed but was very drained and needed to rest, he hid behind some fallen debris to recollect. As all this was happening, Victoria and Hunter were keeping things under control with the fire whips.

“Victoria I am going to need you to create something bigger, Hunter can you handle this? After you throw it I am going created a wall and bring the sea to them.” Sergio echoed. It was done, Victoria released a ball of sun that eliminated more of them, immediately following Sergio lifted up the sand to form a solid wall so they could not pass, he then brought the ocean to the monsters and entrapped them in a liquid prison, circling them and finally throwing a large group of them back in the hole where they came from, he kept the water flowing into the hole and used the wall he created to seal it up for good, and created an earthquake that would make sure it stayed closed.

Just when the team thought they were successful they had forgotten about She-Devil. She flew up into the sky cackling throwing these rays of darkness out of her palms, which created portals to other dimensions releasing unspeakable torment on them. Beasts, creatures, demons, monsters, and the like were all coming. Each one more powerful than the next, just waiting to devour the earth whole. They came in waves of unspeakable evil.

“Guys, Fritz is sending me in, you need backup I just saw what will happen” Sophia radioed in as she boarded her aircraft fit for one.            

Hunter was ready for this; he got the team to all hold his hands as he connected with all of them to enhance each of their powers so they could win. This is something he had never done before but he was confident in his abilities, even though he was unsure of the outcome this was his burden to bare. He was successful and they became Gods. After all in order to fight Hell Gods, one must be a God. With that Sophia flew overhead trying to shoot away some monsters and She-Devil. She-Devil threw the plane into the ground, Sophia ejected from plane just before it came to an inferno.  Sophia landed on the ground with grace and care and began using her karate moves on the monsters kicking and wailing at them. She just kept going and going, and just like a scene in a movie a portal opened in front of her and she was swept into another dimension. As if Chris had stopped time they all froze unsure of what was next, Sophia was gone and they had no way of knowing if they could bring her back.  And just like that we all became very angry and fought harder than ever. Hillary was able to tackle the She-Devil and steal her powers from her.  Sergio made the root systems come and restrain She-Devil and just before they sent her to an untold Hell dimension Victoria in a fit of rage attacked She-Devil with repeatedly throwing fireballs at her with the help of Hunter making them larger and hotter.  Amy was angry that her power transformed into a sonic blast hitting She-Devil and the ocean behind her causing a tidal wave to engulf the shoreline. Gabby with tears let out a banshee like squeal and just began spitting acid up and down her She-Devils scaly body. Finally Hillary opened up a portal which sucked She-Devil in, once she was gone her evil magic was no longer working, all the other portals closed and with it the evil beings disappeared. One by one they fell to the ground completely drained from the fight they had just been in. Not everyone survived. But they were not going to give up easily, they were determined to find Sophia, it would just take some time.

“Look at this mess, good thing there is supposed to be a hurricane here now so no one will know the difference of what really happened.” Amy stated trying to break the silence knowing everyone was speechless.

“Time to head back y’all, let FEMA handle the rest.’ Fritz radioed in on our headsets.

Boarding The Srirach with victory could not take the taste of defeat out of their mouths; they lost a teammate in the process to save the world. I guess what they say is true, no good deed goes unpunished; but when the world is peril, who is called upon? The brave, the strong, and the fearless, The Chosen are and forever will be called to action when the need is there.

Until next time when the heroes are called upon again they will return to their seemingly normal lives and try to get Sophia back. It will be hard, but they will rise to the challenge.