I cannot help but to continue to write about the future, which is probably the greatest paradoxes of time since the future as they say, “Unwritten”. Moving to Chicago is in my future and that is the scariest thing to think about right now? I am moving back home for the first time in 10 months in June, than I pick up and leave again to go to Chicago, IL. I need to find a place to live and with a roommate and it is scary but it is so exciting at the same time, I am beyond scared but I am so blessed to have this opportunity. Like I have said before I do not have it all figured out, I don’t want to have it all figured out because that is the most boring concept that my 19 year old brain can come up with. 

I took a sort of impromptu road trip to Raleigh, North Carolina this past weekend, I learned a lot in my short time there… A friend of mine wanted to watch all her friends graduate from school (NC State University for those who were curious), these graduations were unique because when each graduate was called, they were able to thank people and tell the audience their future plans. Great idea but that instills the mentality that they HAVE to have a plan by the time that diploma is in their hands. The truth of the matter is not one of this people knows where the future will lead them, yes almost everyone did the generic; “I am going to continue my education and go to Vet science, etc etc…” But I can’t help but think that society has pre-determined our fate with education, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on getting a degree then we are thrown to the wolves into the working world, none of us are ready.  We go to college to learn but you can be taught the material over and over again it still not learn a God damn thing, yes I value education and I have always been a learner and I will continue to learn until the day I die, but what shapes and makes you in your real world experience. In school I was not taught how to deal with having a terrible boss, or how to live with 3 messy roommates in one hotel room for two months.  Life is what will teach you, education gives you material but life will help you apply it and you will grow from it. If an opportunity comes your way and it may involve you leaving school for a semester or two, you better do it, because it will hit you in your forties when you realize you have wasted away in what could be a loveless marriage because you thought your college partner was the one for you, not realizing that this was your first and only serious relationship and you will think, “Fuck me, I should have worked on that farm in India, or I should have traveled more, etc…”

Do what you want now, there are only so many tomorrow’s and you may not be there for the next one…