Sitting in today’s meeting about disabilities and government and what do when a disaster hits. Seemingly like any other meeting except that again it turned into yet again another life lesson.

“We are as vulnerable as we make ourselves to be.”

And our definition of vulnerability changes from each situation we are in, in this case it is in regards to a disaster (Natural or Man made):

That could not be more true, the example the speaker used was who do you follow in a disaster: The rich man who just lost everything or the homeless man who had nothing to begin with?

The clear answer is follow the homeless man who is used to living of the land and hasn’t had the smart phones and the fancy dinners-(S)he will know what to do when the time comes. Again our definition of vulnerable has changed, the rich man has now lost everything and the poor man is will be able to survivor in this scenario. Having everything does not mean you will always be safe. Know what to do in all situations, always prepare for the worst case scenario, you never know when it will come in handy.

On special needs & Handicapped: There is nothing special about them, everybody has needs. Handicapped refers to the term Cap in Hand, poor people would have their caps in their hands looking for money in england, Having the term handicapped is implying that people with disabilities cannot do anything for themselves and are lazy. Be careful the words you use, you could accidently hurt someone without even knowing it.

We often times forget that we are all still human; do you not bleed when you get a cut? We all share the same fate, we all will die one day, we take nothing with us when we go. It is sad that we live in such an age that if a white man shoots up a movie theatre he is mentally unstable but if a muslim were to do it he is a terrorist. We live in a world where we are living in fear of a backpacks left unattended (even if that backpack is clearly for a little girl), and we have just reason to fear these things, as Americans we are a major world power and there will be people to try and knock us down, but we also must remember that in every civiliation since the dawn of time has collapsed, what makes us any different? One day will fall, maybe not in this lifetime but it will happen–the only hope that we do have is that we are in constant communication with other leading nations holding each other up (well we are supposed to holding each other up any, that is what human beings should be doing for one another)

A professor of mine once said, “When we turn out the lights we are all the same.” That could not be more true, no color, no religion, no sexuality. Extend your hand to someone who needs it.

Mark Twain once said, “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”