Here we are, the final countdown.  The toughest, most difficult, yet most rewarding time of my life.  I am graduating in 47 days, and flying home in 48 days.  10 months of service just flew by.  I know that I can say this experience changed me and it has awoken something inside me. Something I didn’t know existed until this year (or rather I knew existed but never believed it); Strength. I have battled many things this year. I cannot even count the amount of times I thought of quitting, returning home, and finding something to do, or booking a ticket to somewhere exciting and just leaving. (Wishful thinking?)  I couldn’t leave my team like that though, we have been through too much together for me to up and leave. We are a family, for better or for worse.  I am changed because of them. Changed for the better I believe.  I used to be so impatient now I am at peace (my team may beg to differ though, since I am always stressed, haha).  The people I met along this journey have changed me, all of the Survivors I met during Hurricane Sandy, all the Corps Members I met through my year of service, all the FEMA Employees that I have worked with throughout this year.  I have faced many challenges this year, one of which being the “Unknown” some days my team and I would get up for the day and have no where to go, it was a different situation and a different story every morning.  Now we are in our 3rd and final round of FEMA Corps.  Stationed in Washington, D.C. working at FEMA Headquarters.  This is the happiest I have been all year.  I am in love with this city, it’s beauty, it’s people, all of it. I want this all for my future. I began to explore this city, making friends where ever I went, I made friends with a woman at an Artsy Dance Party called, “Cherry Blast”. She helped me discover This site has been a lifesaver in DC (they also have one for NYC), it has all the best information on events that are going around all over the city along with blogs from different people. So what does this next year hold for me?:

I have applied to Rutgers University (Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology) I am hoping I get into the program so I can attend college again (Man, I miss taking tests, staying up late, finding random parties, and meeting college kids) and finish my degree

If that does not work out I have a few back up plans!:

I recently applied to City Year D.C. if I get the position (and accept) I will be moving to D.C. (On my own, looking for housing an all) and working in the school district helping underpriviledged and At-risk youth.  This will be a challenging second year for me if I do accept it because volunteer service can be very draining.  But it is also very rewarding and life changing. I completed my first interview and I am now awaiting for my second one.

Another program I had applied for is AIDS United AmeriCorps Program:
This is such an interesting program because I would become a certified tester for HIV, a counselor for those affected, among many other things. That is an extremely tough position but again can be very rewarding; if you let it. I originally applied for the program in D.C. but alas, I was not selected, but the program branch out in Chicago called me for an interview, which went really well (I think), they also had told me that they received over 2,000 applications and they only selected 15 for an interview (I was one of them! That made my want the position even more).

And if you know me, you know I love to travel and experience new cultures so I looked into becoming an Au Pair as well! Who knows right, the opportunities are endless.

And if all else fails and I decide I need a break from all this National service I know I can come home and go to a community college for a semester or two and transfer out, but fingers crossed on Rutgers everybody!


Additional summer fun:

54 Days until MGMT Concert

62 Days until Mexico